Many years have passed since the first Norwegian or Swedish emigrant left the «old country» to find a new and better life in «the land of hope and glory», «where the streets were paved with gold..». They soon found out the gold paved streets were more like the dirt roads they knew from home, and the glory not that shiny, but most of the emigrants found a new life in their new homeland. Maybe not a better one, but a new one!

Today it is said that more than 4 million Americans are of Norwegian ancestry. Many of course mixed with other good nationalities, but they like to say they are Norwegians.

For years I have helped Americans to find their Norwegian and Swedish heritage. To find the farm their ancestor came from, to find the street in Oslo they lived before they decided to emigrate. Where their name has its origin. Also living cousins have been found, families have been reunited, even a couple of children have met their parents after 60 years of not knowing of each other! I am also sorry to say that many oral histories that were told, from generation to generation, turns out to be – just a story. But sometimes the story had some truth to it. Maybe you would like to know if the story can be verified?